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The Polytechnic Ibadan (TPI) - Alumni Support

The Polytechnic Ibadan

Corporate and Foundation Relations
The Advancement Centre relates and collaborates with corporations and foundations locally and internationally with the aim of matching their interests with specific initiatives of the Institution. The Centre through this approach seeks and cultivates relationships leading to financial supports, commitments to the construction of infrastructure and logistics support to enhance academic research, professional development and scholarships.
Annual Giving
The Advancement Centre solicits funds and other gifts on a yearly basis from Donors, Alumni, Government agencies and corporate organizations through the deployment of proposals, e-mails, and personal solicitation in a bid to establish and sustain a mutually benefitting relationship for future engagements.
Advancement Communications
Through publications and other forms of communication, the Advancement Centre disseminates information within and outside the institution as a means of sensitizing the alumni, donors, staff and other faculty members on the activities of the Centre and how they can participate in the Centre’s drive for advancement and development.
Alumni Engagement
In collaboration with the Alumni officer, the advancement office engages the alumni and corporate organizations to initiate programmes and projects that can stimulate funding for the institution and scholarship/ job fairs for the student.

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